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YouTube Plans to Introduce Live-Stream Shopping to All Viewers

22 Feb 2022

These days, live-stream shopping is the focal point of almost every social media platform. From Instagram and Facebook to Pinterest, all run their shopping live-streams with unique creators in an attempt to make the most of their commerce capabilities.

Reasons Why E-commerce Filter Pages Are Holding Your Website Back

25 Oct 2021

It’s an undisputed fact that e-commerce websites need filter pages for the convenience of customers. It makes navigation very easy for them and most importantly, helps them with finding exactly what they are looking for.

All You Need to Know About Google Analytics 4

26 May 2021

Businesses across the globe bank on Google Analytics to understand customer behaviour and preferences for creating better experiences for them. As more and more businesses are moving to the online space and the pressure on them to make the most of their marketing budget is constantly increasing, getting critical insights from digital analytics tool has now become more important than ever.

Google Launches New Tool For Digital Marketers - Google Attribution

25 May 2017

Google Attribution

Google launches new analytics tools – Google Attribution a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels -- all in one place, and at no additional cost.

Email Marketing Trends in 2017

16 Feb 2017

Email Marketing

At Alchemy Interactive we do anything digital, whether it’s web development, brand awareness, SEO (we’re really good at this), Email Marketing or Social Media and Content Marketing.

Google’s Search Algorithm Update – Hummingbird

17 Oct 2013

Google Hummingbird Update

Recently Google announced a new update which they called Hummingbird. Google’s announcement of the new update also mentioned that they had actually started using Hummingbird some time ago, and that it potentially impacts around 90% of all searches.

Ebay Questions the Value of Google PPC

13 Mar 2013


The auction website giant, Ebay, has studied the impact of advertising with Google adwords. The study found that paid for advertising with Google PPC model, adwords did not boost sales.

Most Expensive Keywords to Advertise With on Google AdWords

04 Mar 2013

Google AdWords

For those in the know – Google makes most of it's revenue from paid search advertising using GoogleAdwords. But just how much? In 2011 it was 97% at 32 BILLION. Yes, that was BILLION!

Search Advertising Metrics

31 Aug 2012

Paid Adevertising Metrics

Search advertising activities can be measured in five ways:

Email Marketing Top 10 Best Practice Tips

31 Aug 2012

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be a great way to get a message to the right audience. We’ve compiled a list best practice guidelines to help you make your emails stand out and achieve the results you desire.

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