Latest Google SEO Updates

09 Jun 2017

Keep up to date with Google SEO Algorithm Updates with our notes from the recent google Webmaster Hangout from 30th May

Google launches new tool for digital marketers - Google Attribution

25 May 2017

Google launches new analytics tools – Google Attribution a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels -- all in one place, and at no additional cost.

2017 Trends in Email Marketing

16 Feb 2017

At Alchemy Interactive we do anything digital, whether it’s web development, brand awareness, SEO (we’re really good at this), Email Marketing or Social Media and Content Marketing. We know it’s all change all the time and we know that most of our clients haven’t the time to keep up with this. They also want to spend their pounds efficiently so we create briefing documents to help them keep up to speed. Email marketing is still huge and the technology is moving rapidly.

2017 Trends in SEO and SEM

14 Feb 2017

Alchemy are really good at SEO – we stay up to date with this moving target because we have to. If you don’t keep the eye on the ball you can never score. Do you know the importance of AMP, 301 redirects or HTTPS? We do, and we’ve created a briefing document for our clients to keep them up to speed.

Google’s Search Algorithm Update – Hummingbird

17 Oct 2013

Recently Google announced a new update which they called Hummingbird. Google’s announcement of the new update also mentioned that they had actually started using Hummingbird some time ago, and that it potentially impacts around 90% of all searches.

Which is better – PPC or SEO? Online marketing by London agency Alchemy Interactive

24 Sep 2013

Our last article was "What's the value of SEO" which defined what it was and debated whether you should partake in it.. the emphatic answer was yes. PPC (Pay per click) is another method of getting your page up on page one of Google or Bing.. but which one do you go for? Well – it's easy – you have to embrace each method.

What's the Value of SEO?

16 Aug 2013

Key the phrase 'SEO' into Google and it comes back with 514million results, Topsy tells me there are 814k tweets containing the phrase in the last 30 days (1.3k in the last hour)… So it’s a huge subject. It’s self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. It’s a beast that’s going to roll and roll.

Ebay questions the value of Google PPC

13 Mar 2013

The auction website giant, Ebay, has studied the impact of advertising with Google adwords. The study found that paid for advertising with Google PPC model, adwords did not boost sales.

Most expensive keywords to advertise with on GoogleAdwords

04 Mar 2013

For those in the know – Google makes most of it's revenue from paid search advertising using GoogleAdwords. But just how much? In 2011 it was 97% at 32 BILLION. Yes, that was BILLION!

Reasons to Consider SEO Friendly Website Design

31 Aug 2012

When you think of designing your new website, chances are that you are thinking of a website with bells and whistles – flash movies, stunning images, streaming audio – the works! But, these attractive design elements may be negatively affecting your search engines rankings.


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