Are Headings Crucial for Search Engine Rankings?

14 October 2019

Recently, while responding to a query regarding the role of H1 headings on Google Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, mentioned that heading tags were just great for a host of reasons, but they aren’t crucial with respect to search engine rankings.

What is Forensic SEO and Why You Need It.

04 October 2019

Unlike the search engine optimisation (SEO) we all know about, forensic SEO is a bit different. It is somewhat like the task of a detective. Forensic SEO is basically the art of collecting clues and evidence, and subsequently improving the trends in your website traffic and search engine rankings.

Is SEO Easy?

06 November 2017

SEO is tough. No, it’s easy… You have to read through a pile of stuff to get some idea of the complexity involved. All companies out there want to be on page one of google when a punter keys in a search that relates to them. To get there involves money and time – lots of time.. unless you have something to offer that is totally unique. Anyone who tells you it’s easy is not an expert in SEO and not telling the truth.


09 June 2017

Keep up to date with Google SEO Algorithm Updates with our notes from the recent google Webmaster Hangout from 30th May


14 February 2017

Alchemy are really good at SEO – we stay up to date with this moving target because we have to. If you don’t keep the eye on the ball you can never score. Do you know the importance of AMP, 301 redirects or HTTPS? We do, and we’ve created a briefing document for our clients to keep them up to speed.

Performing the ultimate website SEO audit

11 June 2016

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a simple acronym that punches well above its three lettered weight. Dictating how highly your website ranks on Google is well…just really very important. 

Which is better – PPC or SEO? Online marketing by London agency Alchemy Interactive

24 September 2013

Our last article was "What's the value of SEO" which defined what it was and debated whether you should partake in it.. the emphatic answer was yes. PPC (Pay per click) is another method of getting your page up on page one of Google or Bing.. but which one do you go for? Well – it's easy – you have to embrace each method.

What's the Value of SEO?

16 August 2013

Key the phrase 'SEO' into Google and it comes back with 514million results, Topsy tells me there are 814k tweets containing the phrase in the last 30 days (1.3k in the last hour)… So it’s a huge subject. It’s self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. It’s a beast that’s going to roll and roll.

Reasons to Consider SEO Friendly Website Design

31 August 2012

When you think of designing your new website, chances are that you are thinking of a website with bells and whistles – flash movies, stunning images, streaming audio – the works! But, these attractive design elements may be negatively affecting your search engines rankings.

Top 10 Tips to improving your SEO

31 August 2012

Find a collection of tips of how to improve your SEO.

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