Social Media Marketing and Politics

13 Jun 2017

Social Media Marketing Politics

The UK general election result was a surprise to a huge number of people and many groups and organisations are looking in depth at what caused the opposite to what we and Theresa expected – a Tory landslide.

SEO: Latest Google Updates

09 Jun 2017

Google Updates

Keep up to date with Google SEO Algorithm Updates with our notes from the recent google Webmaster Hangout from 30th May

Google Wages War on Annoying Adverts and Ad Blockers

05 Jun 2017

Google Chrome Ad Blocker

News we’ve all been waiting for! Google has announced its plans to filter out “annoying ads” via it’s Chrome browser, and at the same time enable publishers to charge customers who view their site content using an ad blocker. Can this be the ‘win win’ solution that WE are looking for?

Snapchat Launches New Sunglasses in the UK

02 Jun 2017

Snapchat Sunglasses

Snapchat made its Sunglassess available across Europe today, almost seven months after the company debuted them in the US.

Google Gets Support for AMP From Facebook

02 Jun 2017

Facebook AMP

Facebook is rolling out support for AMP as part of its open-source Instant Articles software development kit, with an aim to reinvigorating support for its Instant Articles; a new publishing format with an aim to be delivered super-fast to readers.

Google Launches New Tool For Digital Marketers - Google Attribution

25 May 2017

Google Attribution

Google launches new analytics tools – Google Attribution a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels -- all in one place, and at no additional cost.

Uber Rival Lyft Strikes Deal With Google's Self-Driving Car Unit Waymo

17 May 2017

Googles Self Driving Car Unit Waymo

Self-driving taxi’s could be the next big thing to shake up the transport market.  In a bid to become the ‘total recall’ taxi of today, US taxi hailing business Lyft has formed a partnership with the Google owner's self-driving car unit Waymo to help develop self-driving vehicles.

App Driven Buses - Are Responsive and On-Demand buses the Future of Transport?

16 May 2017

App Driven Buses

Transport app Citymapper has moved into real life vehicles, with a new bus “SmartBus” App, with an aim to “redesign the bus”, both in terms of how one looks and how it operates.

Virtual Reality Could be Coming to a Pub Near YOU!

15 May 2017

Virtual Reality

Is your local getting boring? Do you get sick of the same four walls? Well, your local maybe changing to house a hive of competitive VR gaming, with the advent of VR games specially designed for pubs.

News: Google Completes the Purchasing Journey by Going In-Store

13 Mar 2017

Coco Cola In Display Store Systems

Is instore about to get a facelift?. Coca-Cola has launched in-store display systems that show personalised messages to approaching shoppers, based on data on their smartphones Powered by Google Cloud technologies and works on any HDMI-ready display , this new digital sales aid serves as grocery store aisle “end caps”, restaurant menu boards, and even interactive cinema posters, And can be used to deliver personalised and custom branded video, messages and e-coupons to shoppers.

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