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The UK Mail Group (formerly known as Business Post Group) is the largest independent parcels, mail and logistics services company within the UK, offering innovative delivery solutions both locally and worldwide.
With a national network of more than 50 sites and 3,500 vehicles they offer their customers a full range of time-sensitive and secure delivery options for letters, parcel and pallets.

The Challenge

The ongoing challenge for the UK Mail Group was the fact that they catered to different audiences with differing needs – from international business operations needing pallets transportation across the globe, to individual consumers posting a present. A streamlined, group-wide online communication strategy was required that unified the group, but clearly differentiated the service offerings.


The Solution

With overarching design architecture, a digital brand strategy was developed encompassing three different websites:

  • ukmail.com for corporate customers
  • Ipostparcels.com for consumer customers
  • imail.co.uk for those wanting web to print to doorstep services

All three sites were designed to integrate with internal logistics systems and a mobile parcel tracking website, while to visually unify the brands a character, known as Parcel Pete, was created. Parcel Pete is now used on all collateral – including the delivery vans!

Ipost Parcel
Ipost Parcel
Ipost Parcel

The Result

As a result of the new digital strategy site traffic grew by an incredible 56% and the number of user managed deliveries rose by 17%. Vitally, the dropout rate – of visitors perusing the new sites – fell by 19%.


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