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YouTube Plans to Introduce Live-Stream Shopping to All Viewers

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These days, live-stream shopping is the focal point of almost every social media platform. From Instagram and Facebook to Pinterest, all run their shopping live-streams with unique creators in an attempt to make the most of their commerce capabilities.

YouTube is also planning to jump on the bandwagon with a row of upcoming shopping live steams for the Holiday Season that will let YouTube users have real-time interaction with celebrities and influencers, and enjoy direct in-appbuying.

Recently, YouTube gave some insights into its long-term aspirations to introduce live-stream shopping, which the online video sharing giant believes will ultimately allow everyone with a smartphone (or any other mobile device) and a product to create and present a live shopping stream.

In an interview on YouTube Official Blog, Lax Poojary and Wendy Yang, product designers involved in YouTube Shopping, discussed the platform’s already developing shopping processand the platform’s plan to advance its live-stream shopping initiatives.

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As influencers are already recommending creators and products within their uploaded content – usually via paid partnerships and endorsement deals – the key idea behind live-stream shopping is to offer an extension of present user behaviours. Owing to the fact that this is already quite common practice, live-stream shopping simply builds on the same.

According to designer Wendy Yang, a unique fact about live-stream shopping (or shopping in general) is that it is already happening on YouTube as creators are dropping new merchandise, roll out a new product line or discussing their recent shopping haul. Users want to buy on YouTube and, and a YouTube study, conducted in collaboration with TalkShoppe and Publicis, showed that around 90% of YouTube viewers trust recommendations from YouTube creators.The study also depicted that over 85% of viewers get the top-quality information on products while shopping or browsing on YouTube.

YouTubers are now trusted by millions, particularly the young generation, who is equally aligned with both mainstream media celebrities and YouTube stars. The connection between purchasing and in-stream recommendations was already there and it is just that live-streams provided a quicker linkage between these two.

But now YouTube wants to take this a step further. The growth in the eCommerce sector in the last couple of years has paved new ways, which will substantially allow for more online browsing and purchasing this Holiday Season and in the coming years. This is where YouTube has observedcurrentand future opportunities.

With this move, YouTube seeks to bring viewers closer to their favourite creators and make live-streams interactive between fans and creators. With shopping live-streams, creators can offer their viewersexclusive discounts, live product drops and even fans poll during their sessions, not just to interact with their fans, but also to get feedback from them.

Apparent with the discussion above,YouTube is now looking to bring in more interactive capabilities and functionality to enhance the overall live-stream purchasing experience – with the ultimate goal to enableevery user to create their very own shopping live-streams.

This will offer creators a better opportunity to monetize their offerings via live-streams, backed by the instant interactive capacity of live broadcasts that will helpboost the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) factor and develop communities around specific creators and brands.

YouTube is poised to play an instrumental role in this, with its initial roll-out of live-stream shopping events, all set to provide critical insights into what viewers want to see in live-streams and which attributes are most important to creators. It is certainly a landmark development, which will open doors for significant opportunities in future.

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