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Top 8 PPC Advertising Platforms Every Advertiser Should Consider

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No two PPC advertising networks are exactly the same. Deciding where to invest can depend on a handful of factors, including user base, volume for ad serving, creative opportunities and advertisement budget.

When it is about pay-per-click (PPC), many individuals only think of Google and Bing. However, these are not the only PPC platforms available. Owing to the growing popularity of PPC, many companies have created their own platforms to maximise on its success. In fact, there are networks that are less expensive and have more features than the major PPC platforms.

Here are the top 8 PPC advertising networks that every advertiser should try:



#1 Google Ads

This is by far the most popular ad network, mainly because of the available reach of ads in large volume of searches done in the Google Search Engine as well asthe sizeable number of websites on the Google Display Network (GDN).Google Ads Display Ads appear on more than two million websites and in more than 650,000 apps. Targeting on the GDN includes in-market audiences, remarketing, similar audiences, etc.

Both display and search campaigns let demographic targeting based on gender, age, parental status and household income. Demographic targeting narrows down the available reach for ads, but makes the targeting more pertinent.

Placements: Web placements on the GDN, Google search engine results, mobile apps, shopping and YouTube.

Ad Formats: Image, text, responsive and video

Pricing: Cost-per-click (CPC) model based on the ad quality and competition. GDN allows cost-per-1,000 impressions (CPM).

#2 Microsoft Ads

The Microsoft Search Network observes monthly PC searches of 12.2 billion.Microsoft Ads providestools to advertisers to import campaigns from Google Ads, which facilitatesthe process of getting started.Microsoft offers the benefit of serving Yahoo search traffic exclusively (which powersmany digital assistant voice searches) and the ability to perform target searches with LinkedIn profile data like industry, company and job function.

Placements: Search engines, Microsoft Audience Network, including native content placements on Outlook.com, MSN,the Edge browser, and some quality partner websites, and LinkedIn.

Ad Formats: Responsive for native placements and text for search. LinkedIn serves text ads, shopping campaigns and Dynamic Search Ads.

Pricing: CPC model on the basis of the quality and competition.

#3 YouTube

YouTube reaches more than 2 billion logged-in users on its platform globally every month. This offers a superb opportunity to advertisers to reach their target audience effectively.Campaign creation as well as management ispossible via the Google Ads platform with more detailed information about the demographics of audiencesand engagement via YouTube Analytics within the YouTube account.

Placements: YouTube platform

Ad Formats: Non-skippable in-stream ads, skippable in-stream ads, Video Discovery ads, Bumper ads and Masthead ads.

Pricing: CPM and CPV.

#4 Facebook

Facebook or simply FB is the most popular social network and around 2.6 billion people use this platform each month.User targeting can be very detailed with interests, demographics, behaviours and more. Retargeting is possible via Facebook’s user activity and off-Facebook actions via advertisers’ Facebook pixel data and upload of consumer lists.

Placements: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Audience Network.

Mobile: Facebook Audience Network and mobile properties.

Ad Formats: Individual images, videos, carousels, canvas (mobile) and slideshows. Facebook Audience Network on mobile allows for a range of video and display formats, including interstitial, native, rewarded and in-stream video.

Pricing: Cost per desired action, on the basis of estimated action rates, ad quality and bid.

#5 Instagram

This popular social media platform has more than 1 billion active users who are younger than those on Facebook.It is now owned by Facebook, and so campaign creation and management on Instagram can easily be handled via the Facebook Ads platform. Facebook suggests using Automatic Placements (targeting all placements in a single campaign), but advertisers can conveniently set to any preferred placement.

Placements: Instagram Stories and Feeds, can be clubbed with any FB placements.

Ad Formats: Single image, video, carousel ad, collection.

Pricing: Cost per desired action, on the basis ofad quality, estimated action rates and bid.

#6 LinkedIn

Currently owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn offers a great deal of information and many different audiences that advertisers can target within the professional group. LinkedIn has over 500 million professionals, who can be targeted on the basis of professional criteria like seniority, job title, company, etc.

Placements: LinkedIn and LinkedIn Audience Network, comprising tens of thousands of mobile apps, mobile sites and ad exchanges.

Mobile: LinkedIn’s Audience Network as well as ads within the app.

Ad Formats: Native on LinkedIn Audience Network apps and sites, and text and image ads on LinkedIn.

Pricing: CPC model on the basis of the competition, CPM, ad relevance and cost-per-send (CPS).

#7 Twitter

Twitter offers myriad options to target and reach audiences on its platform, which is used by around 330 million active users every month. Unlike several other social platforms, Twitter has no network partners and the ads on Twitter are solely limited to the platform. Promoted tweets are perhaps the most flexible ad formats since these may be ofany possible combination of text and other kinds of media that conform to Twitter policies.

Placements: Twitter app and Twitter website.

Mobile: Ads in the Twitter app’s feed.

Ad Formats: Promoted tweets (text and/or videos, images and GIFS), promoted trends and promoted accounts.

Pricing: CPC for promoted accounts and tweets; promoted trends are managed through a Twitter’s sales representative.

#8 Pinterest

Pinterest has nearly 200 million active users every month, who research ideas, trends, and products, with most of them willing to buy. As of October 2021, more than 77% of Pinterest users were female and nearly 15% were male.

Placements: Pinterest app and Pinterest.com.

Mobile: Ads in the Pinterest app’s feed.

Ad Formats: promoted video pins, promoted pins, one-tap promoted pins, cinematic pins and promoted app pins.

Pricing: CPM for promoted video pins, and CPC for promoted pins and app installs.

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