Virtual reality could be coming to a pub near YOU!

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Is your local getting boring? Do you get sick of the same four walls? Well, your local maybe changing to house a hive of competitive VR gaming, with the advent of VR games specially designed for pubs.

 A UK company, founded by a rocket scientist and his engineering friends has built a system for playing virtual reality games, initial started in a South London pub. The team believe VR could be the next big pastime in public houses.

Local pub goers are transported into a virtual realm when they put on the VR headset. Their actions in these virtual worlds are visible to the rest of the pub's punters via mixed reality screens - which superimpose the real world player into their virtual environment.

To prevent players injuring themselves the virtual environment is a giant padded soft play area.

The first pub to receive this new VR set up is based in south London and a London-based chain has plans to roll out similar set-ups across the rest of its establishments.

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