Local Social Media Marketing ?

12 Jul 2016

Many small businesses have a website that is their brochure and a lot of small businesses don’t know if anyone looks at it. They probably have social links on the page but who clicks on those? They spend on advertising in the local press and print leaflets but they can’t measure the ROI on those… And they really need to drive sales and footfall.

Performing the ultimate website SEO audit

11 Jun 2016

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a simple acronym that punches well above its three lettered weight. Dictating how highly your website ranks on Google is well…just really very important. 

Google wreaks havoc on un-mobile friendly websites

30 Apr 2015

Google has managed to make tech headlines again, and as usual with a rather controversial announcement with the potential to affect millions of hard workers on the internet. It’s latest algorithm update has caused shockwaves across the internet. The move has seen some websites fall down the pecking order in search results as they were not to be seen as mobile friendly. Text that is too small to read on a mobile phone, plus links that are too close together, are just some of the reasons certain sites will have lost their place in the mobile ranking list.

We're Green, Free and Easy...New Responsive Website for

11 Nov 2013

Comms Recycling came to us with a need for a new website with built in booking system. So we gave them that and more including a responsive new website and online branding. The launch of the new site is marked with a competition, to win an IPAD mini – all you need to do to enter is recycle your IT equipment with Comms Recycling before 15th Dec 2013 – remember each piece of recycled equipment provides 1 entry into the prize draw. And they offer FREE collections for over 20 items. Book a collection now >>

Google’s Search Algorithm Update – Hummingbird

17 Oct 2013

Recently Google announced a new update which they called Hummingbird. Google’s announcement of the new update also mentioned that they had actually started using Hummingbird some time ago, and that it potentially impacts around 90% of all searches.

Which is better – PPC or SEO? Online marketing by London agency Alchemy Interactive

24 Sep 2013

Our last article was "What's the value of SEO" which defined what it was and debated whether you should partake in it.. the emphatic answer was yes. PPC (Pay per click) is another method of getting your page up on page one of Google or Bing.. but which one do you go for? Well – it's easy – you have to embrace each method.

What's the Value of SEO?

16 Aug 2013

Key the phrase 'SEO' into Google and it comes back with 514million results, Topsy tells me there are 814k tweets containing the phrase in the last 30 days (1.3k in the last hour)… So it’s a huge subject. It’s self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. It’s a beast that’s going to roll and roll.

Murray’s Wimbledon Win Moves into the Top 5 Most Tweeted Moments

12 Jul 2013

Andy Murray's victory in the men's singles competition at Wimbledon on 7th July, was an occasion not only because he was the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years but also his win has become one of the most tweeted moments in history. Let’s get him to top position!

Guardian comes top of Mobile News Usability Study

06 Jun 2013

Well done to The Guardian News, which has come out best in delivering the best mobile news experience, according to a new report from EPiServer.

Google Gets Healthy

04 Jun 2013

Google's latest voice-interactive Google Search app can now help users get nutritional details for more than 1,000 food items and meals, all by asking Google Search for help.

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